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Weeping Willow 

Artist Statement

“…when you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
– Genesis 3:5

“Eve was weak!”
 – Carrie’s Mom, “Carrie”

If I was a woman today I don’t know if I’d scream or cry. Most of the time. Hell, all of the time. And actually, not just as a woman today, but at any time since women have been. At no time in recorded history has it been “great” to be a woman. Unless you’re really into bustles, in which case the late 1800’s were fuckin’ kickass!

And I think Eve is to blame. No, check that. I think Eve carries the blame. And every woman and girl on the planet bears that blame several millennia later. Why does our patriarchal world continue to condemn the feminine in general and anyone with a vagina in particular?

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a cab driver a couple of years ago. He talked about how much he loved his wife, especially the sex they had, but at the same time he was terrified of being “devoured by her cunt”. I’ve heard the same fear expressed by some of my hetero male friends. I find it curious that a vagina, something that brings pleasure - even life for crying out loud, could infuse such terror.

Which brings me to ask, “Was Eve the original terrorist?”

Sweat Lounge


Sweat Lounge is a multi-media installation involving sculpture, textiles, light and sound. The entrance to the gallery is marked by a pink neon sign which hangs in front of a black curtain. Inside the gallery at its centre sits the frame of a sweat lodge made from bent willow saplings. The floor of the lodge is covered with an 8' round textile assemblage. A spotlit disco ball turns in the top of the lodge, filling the room with spinning points of light. The sound track to the installation is a playlist of music ranging from disco to swing, drumming and heavy metal. Each piece of music is related to a man or men in my life.

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