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"The love of money is the root of all evil."
- The Bible
"The point is, you can never be too greedy."
- Donald Trump
Two things used to terrorize people around the world are: power and poverty.  Money buys power.  Does that make power evil?  Power buys government.  Does that make government evil?

In Canada every elected Member of Parliament, both federal and provincial, must fundraise for their party while in office.  That's to ensure that they have a "war chest" (interesting choice of words) ready for the next election.  So we pretty much pay them to keep themselves in a job.  That's evil on a pretty sophomoric level.  I'm not saying Canadian politicians are lily white (though most of them actually are lily white, as well as old, straight and male) but they could learn a thing or two from the pros.

Take the Republican Party (also mostly white, old, straight men).
Across the U.S., states like North Carolina (R) and Mississippi (R) are passing draconian laws that vilify and discriminate against the LGBT community.  These so called "religious liberty" bills allow businesses and individuals to refuse service to queers citing religious objections.  Now that's evil on an impressive, appaling scale.

And speaking of appalling, Donald Trump wants to be president and all he has to do is dig his tiny hands into his big greasy wallet.  He has bought one of the biggest platforms on the planet from which he spews his horrible, hateful vomit (also know as his thoughts).  Trump really raises the bar when it comes to evil.  We're talking Evil Olympics here.  The dictionary defines "terrorist" as, "a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims".  Well, Trump has promised a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, while calling Mexicans "killers and rapists".  He has vowed to bar all Muslims from entering the country, saying "Islam hates us".  If elected, Trump has said that Syrian refugees will be sent back to their war ravaged homeland.  He's also threatened punishment for women who obtain abortions and he opposes marriage equality.  Hell, Trump has actually advocated roughing up people who come to his rallies simply to express themselves - a right guaranteed by the United States Bill of Rights.
Money can't buy happiness.  But it can buy power.  And a really bad haircut.

Hand stitched felt on canvas
5' X 10.5'