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(Happiness is a Felt Penis)

I work in a variety of media: paint and plywood, silkscreen and textiles.  For the past two years I have worked primarily with cloth.  Historically, cloth has been used as a medium for the transference of familial and cultural information from one generation to the next.  My interest lies in exploring this tradition from a queer perspective.

Queer families do not follow typical familial lineage.  Gay, lesbian and transgendered people tend to create their own families.  Most often this happens in towns and cities where queer community has been established.  However, queer folk seek out other members of our tribe in all places.  My work addresses such themes as creating queer community, our erotic connection to nature in an increasingly urban landscape and the role of the queer community in the greater collective.  My work combines images of male bonding, explicitly gay sexuality and naturism. 

These are totems and fairie tales for future generations of queer folk.