I Hold My Father's Heart With My Mother's Hands

Knitted mittens (Elsie Hare)
Hand stitched felt (Philip Hare)
18" X 24"  

In October, 2011, my father underwent open heart surgery at the age of 87. Since his operation, my 7 siblings, our partners and I, have been helping Dad through his tumultuous recovery.

This process has been nothing short of transformative. My dad has become a sweet, patient and gentle soul. His heart has been opened both literally and figuratively. And so has my family.

“I Hold My Father's Heart With My Mother's Hands” is comprised of a pair of mittens knitted by my mum holding a heart sewn by myself. Mum was a prolific knitter and made me mitts for Christmas every year of my life. This is the last pair she knitted for me.

“I Hold My Father's Heart With My Mother's Hands” is a tribute to my parents, Jack and Elsie. They were the first to teach me about care and comfort, love and security. My mum's loving hands held us all together and gave us the capacity to hold one another. I hold my dad with those hands today.

Philip Hare

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